Team Bizz

Bizz is a group of business entrepreneurs based out of NYC. We own and invest in different businesses in the New York, New Jersey and the tri-state area.

Our business team has built businesses from ground up, some have sold to major business corporations and some are operated by our team of devoted employees based out of our Brooklyn, NY offices.

Our Merchandise

After investing in a food manufacturing facility in New Jersey and dealing with some of the major food distributors and food chain restaurants, our team saw an opportunity in quality food and kitchen supplies, some of which we don’t see at our local stores, something more exciting!

Something you can enjoy: Life is short, people tend to buy what we need and not what we enjoy. We at Bizz are the manufacturers of merchandise that we need and enjoy, just browse our catalog for the item you need AND you will enjoy - Enjoy Honey!


Register your product!  All of our products are covered by a full warranty, if you have any issue with the quality or workmanship of any of our products, we ask you please - please reach out to us, let us know and we’ll gladly replace it for you.


Giving Back

Team Bizz has been involved in many different charity organizations in the USA and around the world. We at Bizz are extending our hand to any charity fundraiser event that can use our products as a charity fundraiser to help generate funds.

To qualify, you need to send us the charity organization's mission using an official email address (no free email i.e. gmail, yahoo etc), include the event details and how this will help generate funds for you (i.e. an event, drawing etc). Mission can be sent in PDF format as well if easier.

We reserve the right to reject any request.